5 Reasons Why I Love Local Farming

Hey guys! You’ve probably heard me talk before about Crabtree Farms in Chattanooga and my experiences there, along with some recipes I’ve made thanks to their plentiful harvest! Well, this year I have signed up to be in their CSA, which stands for Community Supporting Agriculture. This is different from just volunteering because once a week from May til November I will receive a box of freshly grown fruits and vegetables from their farm. I work 5 hours a week to earn this box, which is a steal to me (rather than paying for it). Here’s why I love working at Crabtree:

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P.S. I’m still working on a new newsletter that you guys can resubscribe for on my new blog. I’ll let you know when I’ve set that up. It’s much more complicated now that I have full reign on the coding and plugins, which is why it’s taking longer to update. Thanks for your patience!



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