Tuna Salad Lettuce Wraps

If you have ever volunteered or partnered with a local farm you might know that now is nearing the end of greens season (in Tennessee anyway). And with that, farmers are trying to get rid of all of their lettuces (kale and other hearty greens can last a bit longer in the heat than delicate lettuce). This week Hubs and I got 1 head of romaine and 2 heads of red cross varieties of lettuce in our CSA box. Don’t get me wrong — I like salad! But with bunches of rainbow chard, kale and a bag of arugula as well, that’s a lot of greens to eat in just one week! Not to mention that we’ve been harvesting our own kale as well!



To change up our plates a bit, I suggested Hubs and I try lettuce wraps for lunch. So I whipped up a quick tuna salad with daikon radishes (pictured above), red onions, green garlic, lemon pepper, mayo, salt and pepper, dill and paprika (sprinkled on top). Then we plopped a small spoonful onto two leaves of red cross lettuce (pictured above and below) before rolling up the leafy wrapper.

I would have preferred Chick Pea Tuna Salad to the one I made….regardless, it was tasty!



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