Jamie Oliver’s Fail Safe Fluffy Rice

Jamie Oliver is an inspiration to me. His enthusiasm for easy recipes that are nutritious and crowd pleasing AND kid friendly make me want to jump out of my seat and experiment beyond what I already know. In addition, his love for teaching kids about healthy eating warms my heart that someone out there is making a difference while I am finishing my degree and finding my career footing. Seriously, if you haven’t checked him out already, you’ve got to! He’s got a Foodtube channel (yes, that’s right FOODtube!) that is LOADED with tips, recipes and more that will rock your world. Having trouble making the perfect pot of rice? Jamie Oliver has the most simple, practical tips PLUS recipes for making perfectly fluffy basmati rice! Check it out! I love how he uses a mug (an every day item) to portion both the rice and the water!



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