Mini Mocha Cupcakes

This week me and hubby’s Bible study group is having a Finger Foods & Game Night instead of our usual Dinner & Discussion. Everyone is to bring something sweet and something salty to share. Leftover coffee and ingredients for bread? Mocha cupcakes and bread sticks seemed like a perfect choice to me. I always embrace an excuse to bake!

I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love mini cupcakes. They’re just about as adorable as you can get cake-wise. And on that note, these truly are a perfect party dessert.

A few weeks ago my friend Ruth used this recipe to make cupcakes for her boyfriend’s birthday. And after tasting them topped with the espresso frosting, I bookmarked the recipe for future use. This week couldn’t have come soon enough.


Since I only made a few minor changes to these cupcakes, I refrained from copying and pasting the entire recipe into this post. That way you can click the link below and explore Brown Eyed Baker’s site, which is a thousand times more presentable than mine, anyways. ;) (And after you read her recipe, you can browse my modifications!)

adapted from 
Brown Eyed Baker

My Modifications:

*Used 1/3 cup sour cream (stirred it with the coffee before combining it with the sugar+butter+egg+vanilla) instead of 1/2 cup milk because I didn’t have any milk. I also used more than 1/2 cup of coffee (I completely forgot to measure out what I had) but that didn’t seem to change any texture or moistness. Oh, and I didn’t have any espresso powder but I think the extra coffee compensated this.

*Yielded about 40 mini cupcakes. Recipe probably would have made 48 if hubs and I hadn’t eaten some dough… haha.

*Since I used mini muffin pans, the cooking time was slightly shorter. With a 325F oven (I set my oven lower since it’s gas), I cooked the cuppie cakes for about 15 minutes.

*The reason I didn’t make frosting this go around is because I didn’t have powdered sugar. But I’m telling you, the combination of the frosting and the cake is better than any overly expensive cupcake you’ll buy at a bakery. All that to say: I would definitely make the frosting if I were you. But if all else fails, hubby discovered that coconut frosting (for German choc cake) tastes good on them as a substitute! ;)


fotor_(114) (1)



ta da! baby cakes!


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