Dear Lovely Readers: A Brief Life Update

WP_20130914_016Hello lovely readers!

So life has been rather crazy the past month or so.  With school firmly in full swing, employment gaining a place in my life once again and “cooking block” inhibiting recipe inspirations, I have neglected to keep up with my blog. My apologies! Yet I see that y’all have still mingled around ohmyfoodness! while I’ve been away; thank you so much! I appreciate your attentiveness to my past posts. Especially Grocery Tips, College Recipes and Tuna or Salmon Patties. These are a hit! :)

School is going well; I can’t believe the semester is half over! (For those of you who don’t know, I am a senior majoring in Dietetics!) I won’t dwell on why, but the only classes that I don’t like are Biochemistry and Food Systems.  As for my favorite class(es)? I’d have to say Advanced Nutrition: Macronutrients because I enjoy learning about how food affects organs and how it is broken down in the body; and Clinical Nutrition because my professor is giving us practical situations to use the knowledge we’ve accumulated in our brains for the past three years. We even get to visit a clinic this semester and shadow a counseling session! Obviously I’m excited :)

In addition, as I mentioned, I recently got a job!  For the past three years I’ve prayed for one, applying here and there, hoping to hear something.  But nothing that seemed hopeful would or could fit into my school schedule.  Finally, with this semester’s classes being offered solely on Tuesdays and Thursdays, my availability matched at one particular place!  It’s been a huge blessing to be employed again; I am so thankful! I feel useful because I’m practicing people skills, team work, respect (for authority and coworkers), and am developing communication skills once again. Not to mention I can help out with bills. Oh! And I’m observing business skills that I may take with me to my future bakery ;)

Hopefully my recipe block will be broken soon with true love’s kiss—err something like that. If you guys have any recipes you’d like me to try, please don’t feel embarrassed or shy to share them! Comment away below if you so desire :) Thanks in advance!

Love, Hope

P.S. Hubby and I had never been to the zoo together before! So we went last month while his best man was in town visiting us (picture above). Fun times!


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