Help Needed: More College Recipes

school books

My Fall 2013 Schedule

Biochemistry | 8:00 am – 9:15 am | T, TR
Advanced Nutrition I | 9:25 am – 10:40 am, T, TR

Lunch :)

Senior Seminar | 12:15 pm – 1:05 pm | TR
Clinical Nutrition I | 1:40 pm – 4:10 pm | T
Clinical Nutrition I Lab | 1:40 pm – 3:40 pm | TR

(Food Systems Administration I | Internet)

In exactly sixteen days, on August 20, I will be embarking on my last year of college. I’m so very excited because I’ve registered for classes I think I’ll really enjoy now. :)

While waiting for the semester to begin, I’ve been eager to see what my classes are all about. So I’ve been reading the first few chapters of each textbook to get a feel for them and also waiting impatiently for the syllabi/assignments to be posted online. I like the texts so far, though I find it funny that they all begin pretty much the same way: Review of the structure of the animal cell, including how DNA and RNA is made; or the chronological sequence of the digestive system. You’d think the books would jump right into the REAL material at this point (my 5th year), considering I’ve already learned this stuff three or four times already (not including in high school). Oh well. I guess they have to start somewhere, right? :)

I also realized — whilst reading the biochem book — WHY IN THE WORLD I took Organic Chemistry last year. Phew, I barely passed that course (and General Chemistry for that matter…) but at least it’s useful now!

Anyway, along with college beginning again comes the need to find recipes I can make and/or bring to campus. Last year I neglected to remember to bring lunch/snacks more often than I expected, to pack enough food or to even choose the right kind of food (i.e. hunger quenching). In fact, I was hungry A LOT. Commuting and refusing to buy food from the food courts didn’t help a whole lot either. Fortunately a campus ministry offered $2 lunch on Wednesdays and free soup on Thursdays, so I didn’t actually starve. Maybe I can go to free lunch this year?

Otherwise, I have a hunch that this semester I’ll need to pack cold food instead of leftovers. I’ll have back-to-back classes from 8am-4pm Tuesday and Thursdays (this is a first in three years). And while there’s about an hour break around eleven-ish, I doubt I’ll have time to run and find a microwave before my next class begins. (There really should be a microwave in every classroom! ;) ).

I have a few staple recipes/ideas in mind already but I’m interested in finding more for variety sake, i.e. to try something new.



  • Cold Sandwiches on either homemade whole wheat flaxseed bread or biscuits
    • Tuna Salad
    • Lunch meat + cheese + any veggies on hand
    • PB & J


  • Crackers/bread/biscuits + nut butter/cheese
  • Carrot sticks, or other raw veggies
  • Apple slices w/ or w/o nut butter/cheese
  • Trail mix (w/ cereal, raisins, nuts, candies)
  • Almonds (this snack saved me so many times last semester!!)
  • Granola bites

Anyone else have lunchbox suggestions that take no time to pack and that last ALL day?  You can post them in the comment box below or on the wall of my Facebook page. Don’t forget that other readers can benefit, too :)

Looking forward to your responses!

– – – – –

P.S. Speaking of college recipes, check out the “College Friendly” category on the right. Also, easy microwave recipes here.


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