How to Cook Rice

If you don’t have a rice cooker, and you’re one of those people who can’t cook rice on the stovetop, yours probably ends up being sticky like oatmeal or burnt and stuck to the bottom of the pot. ;)

I don’t blame you — this grain is probably one of the hardest foods to cook!

Below I’ve written out some tips to prevent these mishaps:

1. Cooking each type of rice is different. Bonappetit magazine says not to, but I’ve always found that following the directions on the back of the rice container is key. The box will tell you how much water vs. rice to put in the pot.  But remember: brown rice always cooks longer and needs more water than white rice.

2. Get the ratio of water to rice correct (yes, I realize I repeated myself). Look it up on the internet if it’s not on the package.

3. If in doubt, always add more water. Too little will make the rice stick to the pot. Too much may make the rice swell but near the end of cooking you can take off the lid and let it keep cooking while letting the water evaporate.

4. Let the rice simmer, not boil. This means bring the rice to a boil and then put on the lid and turn down the heat to low or super-low (depending on how much rice you’re cooking and what your stovetop is like).


Finally, check out this video for the basic tips on making rice. It explains the process much better than I could. :)

Now I hope that you know how to cook rice! :)


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