“Baked” Potato or “Baked” Sweet Potato (Microwave-Style)

What you need (for one serving):

    • Microwave-safe plate or bowl
    • Any type and size of potato (red, purple, sweet, Irish, Idaho-ian….)
    • A sharp knife or fork
    • Toppings of your choice (cheese, salt/pepper, sour cream, butter, chili…brown sugar and cinnamon)


Scrub your potato with water, as it will probably still have some dirt on it (they DO grow in the ground after all :) ). Using your knife or fork, poke the potato all around – this is to keep it from exploding in the microwave (trust me, it DOES happen! The more pokes the better). Place the potato on your plate and microwave on high for 3-4 minute increments. Depending on the size of your potato will depend on the time….the larger the potato the longer the time. You’ll know it’s done with you squeeze it and it’s soft (you might have to squeeze it with a hot pad, as potatoes get REALLY hot).

Top with any ingredient of your choosing :)

*If your university/office has a microwave, this can be done on site! Or you can reheat an already baked potato for about 2 minutes on 80% power.*


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