Mini Fruit Pies: A Healthier Dessert

IMG_8232 (2)sThis week was mine and Cobalt’s turn to make dessert for our church’s Bible study group. Rather low on “dessert ingredients” (such as sugar, butter, etc.) and eager to make a healthier option anyway, I began searching the cabinets and refrigerator/freezer for ideas.

That’s when I came up with mini pies.

I found graham crackers, frozen fruit and whipping topping in my kitchen and began perspiring how to accomplish this task. I could make crust out of the graham crackers and some sort of binding agent (Egg or coconut oil). But pressing the crust in the muffin cups wouldn’t work because the crust wouldn’t be sturdy enough to be popped out of the pan. This is when Keebler the Elf needed to be my friend because he invented pre-made graham cracker crusts.

…Then, the idea dawned on me.

I remembered seeing on pinterest the tip about using the underside of a muffin tin to make edible cups. (I knew that website came in handy for something besides wasting time ;))

After spinning the crust ingredients in the food processor (if you don’t have one, they’re super helpful! The one I have isn’t expensive. Despite the horrible picture quality, here it is on for picture reference), I oiled the underside of my muffin pan with cooking spray. Then molded the graham cracker mixture into balls and pressed around the underside of a muffin cup (so as to create an upside down bowl).

These crusts cooked at 350F in the oven until they were firm to the touch and a little brown…about 15 minutes (? … I didn’t really time them) I was sad to see that as some of them heated up they melted also, holes resulting. Nonetheless, many stayed their shape and I was able to bring those to our group. :)

I let the crusts cool for 5-10 minutes to harden up some more, carefully pulled them off the muffin pan (as you can tell, they were quite fragile), and placed them right side up (that is bottom side down…) onto a plate.

The frozen fruit I poured into a bowl and drizzled with honey to give a little sweetness. Nothing more, as I wanted the flavor of the berries to burst with happy giggles once they thawed a bit.

When it was time to serve them, I let our friend pour the amount of fruit and spray the amount of whipped cream on top that they wanted.

And that’s it! Super simple. Super quick. :)

P.S. If you were to make this at home, here is an easier recipe:

IMG_8212 (2)s

Very Berry Mini Pies


1 pkg of mini graham cracker crusts
1 bag of frozen berries (or any frozen fruit), thawed slightly
Whipped topping or homemade whipped cream


1. In a bowl, mix fruit with drizzles of honey
2. Spoon fruit into mini pie crusts
3. Top with whipped cream/topping

Wonderfully combined with a hot, summer evening!!


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