2012 Recap: Thank you for accompanying me on this adventure!

Hope_Nash_1_editDear Readers:

THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for making 2012 a fabulous first year blogging about food. I have truly enjoyed sharing my recipes and cooking experiences with you all. This coming year I hope to come up with and find even more scrumptious and cost-effective recipes for your convenience!

Since beginning writing in June 2012…

  • 15 subscribers have signed up for ohmyfoodness! email updates.
  • 73 people have “liked” ohmyfoodness! on Facebook
  • I’ve written 45 posts. Mostly recipes but also grocery tips and gardening discoveries.
  • The layout has improved not once but twice thanks to my husband, Cobalt.

In addition, the top posts, based on the number of views are:

10 Tips for Eating Cheaply in College

Chocolate Mocha Brownies w/ Icecream_1

Chocolate Mocha Brownies


Homemade Nutty and Sweet Granola


Apple Sauce


Four Squash Puree: A Seasonal Summer Soup


Homemade Three-Bean Burgers

Smashed Potatoes

Garlic and Basil Smashed Potatoes with Sun-Dried Tomato Cheese

and finally…

Tuna Patties1

Tuna or Salmon Patties

– – – – –

My personal favorites:


Cobalt’s Birthday Pie

IMG_7738 (3) (800x533)

Chili in 30 Minutes

Morning Muffins_2

Marvelous Morning Muffins

Easy Veg. Soup (1)

Veggie Soup for One in 20 Minutes


Best Oatmeal Raisin Cookies Ever!

and finally. . .

no breadmaker...

Making Bread without a Breadmaker

Blessings to you and your family in this new year!



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