Best Crockpot Recipe EVER. Cooking a Whole Chicken is SO EASY!

For once I’m not going to write a very long post, as I think the blog from which this recipe comes from explains enough about it :)


You may have to cook your chicken longer than 4-5 hours. I cooked mine all night the first time and it was perfect! The second time I tried 4-5 hours and it was still a bit pink. I think that was okay, but I am cooking it longer to make sure it’s safe.

4 lbs chicken – $4.50 / Aldi
2 carrots – from $1 bag / Aldi
5 small red potatoes – from 50ยข bag / Aldi
1/2 red onion – from $2ish bag / Aldi

TOTAL:ย ~$5 for the entire meal that lasts about a week….

PLUS, you can use the bones to make broth for future meals!



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