Microwave Eggs

I had no idea eggs could be cooked in the microwave until a couple of years ago. So I tried it myself, and lo and behold it works! The tips below are crucial however to yield the best tasting and most conveniently-cooked microwave eggs. Follow them carefully! :)

  1. Use a microwave safe container, such as glass or ceramic (a shallow bowl works the best). Find a hot pad for later.
  2. Spray the container with cooking spray, or wipe with butter.
  3. Crack as many eggs as you want in the container. Max fill: 1/3-1/2 of the container.
  4. Place container in microwave. Cover the container with a microwave cover, or a paper towel so you don’t lose some of your breakfast if the eggs decide to “pop.” This way, you don’t have to clean out your microwave, and your room won’t smell like eggs every time you use it. ;)
  5. Cook eggs on a low power level (40-50%) to prevent eggs from “popping” all over the inside of your microwave. If you don’t do this, you’ll hear a popping noise. If they’re cooking on a low power level, you shouldn’t hear it very often til they get really hot.
  6. Stir eggs frequently (every 1 minutes) to distribute the heat…yes, scrambled eggs will be the result. Use a hot pad if you need to, as the container will probably be very hot.
  7. Before eating, get a different fork, or wash your stirring fork. Salmonella is deadly!

While they look slightly different from stove-top eggs, these microwave eggs are still quite tasty! You can pop them in the microwave while making coffee or finishing up your morning routine without worrying about the stove catching on fire or the eggs burning to the pan!

This morning I ate two for breakfast, sprinkling cheese, onion powder, salt and black pepper over them after they cooked for flavor. In addition, freshly picked basil and veggies are also delicious with eggs….and my husband likes hot sauce and Ramen with his.


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